Aorus Gaming Box RX580 issue with active TI83 cable
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Aorus Gaming Box RX580 issue with active TI83 cable  


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I have been using AGB RX580 for about a year now. Everything works without any real issues except for the reduced H2D speed. Since it does not really effect the performance on gaming I won’t complaint much. However there is one small thing that has been bothering me. It does not work with an active TI83 cable (Caldigit 2 metre).

As a side note, these are what I experience:

  • Thunderbolt System information shows Up to 20 Gb/s x 2 where it should be Up to 40 Gb/s x1 speed for a TI83.
  • The gaming box can only works when I connect  through the top left or bottom right port of my 13 2018 Macbook Pro.
  • It won’t connect when using an active thunderbolt cable.

Everything works perfectly on my Mantiz enclosure so I am quite sure the fault is on the gaming box, not on my macbook or the thunderbolt cable. I wonder if there are any user who manage to fix this issue? Or are there any alternatives so that I can utilise a long thunderbolt cable?

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