Aorus GTX 1070 on windows questions/problems
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Aorus GTX 1070 on windows questions/problems  


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Hi there

I recently decided to sell my old but trusty gaming desktop and instead buy a powerfull laptop for school and a little gaming (lenovo ideapad 720S-15IKB, I7-7700HQ, 16GB RAM, GTX1050ti). Just right after that Blackops 4 decided to launch which recently resulted in the laptop being accompanied by the Aorus GTX 1070 gaming box. Unfortunately this has only given me a unlimited number of problems (feels like it).

Problem 1: I tried to update the firmware of the Aorus with the 2 provided thunderbolt firmware on gigabytes webpage. After choosing location of the .bin file the software constantly threw me this error. After many hours i found a forum post saying that the firmware for the RX580 box should work which it did. Only for me to get another error. This time it was the Thunderbolt firmware being too new and had to be downgraded temporary (what!?!?). Finally both firmware flashes seemed to succeed but then i checked CUDA-Z i only got 8xx MiB/s host to device. Should'nt that be around 2000? 
EDIT: I just learned that one of the firmware prioritize GPU. I installed the default one. Thought earlier that both where needed.

Problem 2: It seems like that then i use the latest nVidia driver my sound seems to mess up completely. The sound is there but it sounds like when a CD had a scratch. Well, that problem was sovled by uninstalling all graphics drviver with the Display Driver Uninstaller in Secure boot and afterwards only installing the super old driver downloaded from the Aorus page. (Even Blackops now tells me to update the video driver). Anyone experienced the same issue or have some thoughts on this? The sound was fine everytime the Aorus wasn't plugged in.

Problem 3: This little box is so unbelievable loud!!! I found the guide for upgrading the fans and have now ordred som new (hopefully) more quiet ones. It's not a big deal when i'm gaming but i'm using the box for my 2 screens all the time.

Please share your experience, knowledge, tips or just some comforting words. I'm desperate.

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