Asus XG Station Pro with 5700XT coil whine
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Asus XG Station Pro with 5700XT coil whine  


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I've just set up an XG Station Pro with an Asus ROG Strix RX 5700XT.  Very easy to put together, attached the eGPU case fans to the FanConnect headers on the card.  Hooked it up to a MacBook Pro 13" and put it through the Geekbench and Heaven benchmarks.  The good news was that the fans were very quiet, the bad news was that I could clearly hear coil whine coming from the card during the tests.  I'll likely exchange the card but wondering whether this is a bad card or whether it's due to the power supply of the eGPU being insufficient for the card.  How prevalent are coil whine issues with eGPU builds?

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