BlackBeast Pro eGPU - KickStarter Project Exposed
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BlackBeast Pro eGPU - KickStarter Project Exposed  

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I recently came across the Sonnet DuoModo which reminded me of the BlackBeast Pro because both are basically two separate Thunderbolt devices combined together.

You can combine the DuoModo eGPU Module and another module such as the DuoModo Echo III Module with the DuoModo Dual-Module Desktop (or Rackmount) Enclosure and get something with similar features (or superior features since you can put anything in the three PCIe slots). It's an expensive solution (two separate power supplies and a PCIe switch) but the form factor is interesting.

The DuoModo was briefly mentioned at
but there's no build in the builds list yet.

I have the Sonnet Echo Express III-D (Thunderbolt 3 Edition). The Echo III Desktop is a replacement for that. It consists of the DuoModo Echo III Module and DuoModo Single-Module Desktop Enclosure.

Echo Express III-D: 3.8 x 16 x 10.2 inches; 300W; x8x16x8 physical, x4x8x4 electrical
Echo III Desktop: 3.5 x 16.7 x 9 inches; 400W; x8x16x8 physical, x8x8x4 electrical


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Final design


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