Can I use an eGPU to bypass the broken discreet video on my MacBook Pro 15.4" 20...
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Can I use an eGPU to bypass the broken discreet video on my MacBook Pro 15.4" 2016  


David Reid
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So recently the discrete GPU on my 2016 MacBook Pro 15" failed. Whenever I try to use hardware acceleration in DaVinci Resolve to render my project it either crashes to desktop or triggers a system reboot. Can I use a Thunderbolt E-GPU to bypass this issue, and do I have to get an external monitor to use it or will it drive the built in display? This is also caused an issue that prevents me from rendering if I have more than one video track populated with actual video even with acceleration turned off. Photos or text on other tracks does not seem to be an issue. Buying or building a new computer is not really an option, so I am looking into an E-GPU as the solution until I can afford a new MacBook Pro 16".

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@david_reid, Adding an eGPU should help your 2016 15-in MacBook Pro. You can set the preferred graphics card in DaVinci Resolve so that the failing/failed dGPU is not used. I would also recommend opening the laptop up to clean its cooling system and repaste both CPU and dGPU.


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