Can someone help me troubleshoot my TB2 setup?
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Can someone help me troubleshoot my TB2 setup?  


Luke Perman
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Hi all,

I have an eGPU setup that I have been using for around four years now.

High level specs are:

- Mac Mini 2014, 3ghz i7, 16gb RAM
- Akitio Thunder2 PCI enclosure
- NVIDIA GTX970 (Inno3D, 4gb)

Full build info here:

I don't use the eGPU with MacOS at all now, although I do have Mojave 10.14.5 installed.

It's used solely in a bootcamp partition, with 64bit Windows 10 Home installed (with all latest updates applied).

The Akitio box has the DELL power unit modification, and I run the eGPU with the exterior case removed. (I did try to modify the exterior case for a closed solution, but found it still overheated a lot.)

I haven't installed any additional scripts or software. I simply use bootcamp assistant to create the partition and install Windows, then connect the Akitio Thunder2 via thunderbolt (using the top port on the back) to the Mac Mini. Windows recognises the GTX970 and allows me to install the drivers.

I'm currently using the latest NVIDIA drivers (430.86-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql). The Mac Mini also has an Intel Iris onboard graphics chip (5100).

The eGPU itself is connected by HDMI to one channel of a Samsung 40" TV. The Mac Mini is also connected by HDMI to another channel of the same TV, but when using the eGPU, the integrated graphics on the Mac mini is disabled via the Display Settings in Windows.

Everything has been running well, but recently (past month or so) I get crashes to a black screen whilst using the eGPU. I've tried setting the NVIDIA control panel to prefer performance over quality, and tried reducing the clock on the eGPU by 100mhz, but the crashes still happen. Sometimes frequently (every few minutes) other times I can use the eGPU for several hours before a crash occurs.

Also, sometimes I can boot into Windows with the eGPU thunderbolt cable attached, but other times the machine repeatedly restarts at the Windows flag logo, so I have to unplug the thunderbolt cable for Windows to start up, then hot plug the cable once the desktop has loaded. This is mostly fine, but gets frustrating plugging and unplugging with all the crashes I'm getting now.

I'm guessing I might have missed a few steps or installation of some scripts in my setup, but for a long time they haven't seemed necessary.

Does anyone know anything obvious I could do to mitigate these crashes?


Apple Mac Mini (Late 2014), i7-4578U @ 3.0hz, 16GB RAM
Akitio Thunder2 with Inno3D Herculez X1 GTX 970