Collecting Ideas / Wishes for a DIY Thunderbolt 3 > PCIe3.0 x4 (eGPU) Mini-ITX B...
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Collecting Ideas / Wishes for a DIY Thunderbolt 3 > PCIe3.0 x4 (eGPU) Mini-ITX Board  


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I'm a little bit unhappy with what's available on the market in terms of eGPU / external TB3 enclosures as none of them be flexible enough / come with many caveats so I was thinking (for a very brief amount of time so far TBH) what would/could somebody want if they could spec their own DIY TB3 > PCIe 'boards' by taking the ADT-Link R43SG-TB3 as a template and modify it to our / my needs. I've started the discussion at /r/eGPU but wherever anyone wants to chime, here or there, I'd be happy for any ideas, wishes etc and we'll see where this goes, if anywhere beyond some thoughts.




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@jbattermann, Other than low cost and flexibility, the combination of R43SG + TB3 is the worst of both worlds. A Thunderbolt 3 eGPU enclosure provides the convenience of hot-plug and charging expansion eGPU dock while an M.2 eGPU adapter provides the best eGPU performance. You haven't really refined the benefits of what you have in mind. I don't think a larger box without the strengths of either solutions would be something people want.


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