Connecting ASUS X299-Prime Deluxe II as a network partner
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Connecting ASUS X299-Prime Deluxe II as a network partner  


Michael Stanton
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Since I bought them I have been trying to connect my Asus machines up in a daisy-chain with each other, a OneStopSystems Magma box and a TerraMaster 8 drive enclosure.  I want the whole thing to function as a happy family storage and network wise   The ASUS documentation implies that one of the Display Ports can be used as a return path when running as a daisy chain. Does anyone have experience wit that layout?  What kind of cable do you use that gives you DP on one end and TBT-3 on the other. I have not seen such a thing.




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@michael_stanton, In my experience using Thunderbolt on desktop motherboards, the DP IN port is to strictly produce Thunderbolt monitor output. I don't think we can achieve bi-directional data flow; network/storage upstream and DP downstream through a single Thunderbolt cable. You can try connecting a DisplayPort cable from your graphics card to the DP IN port of the motherboard and see if this arrangement works for your components.


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