Crossfire with egpu and internal gpu
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Crossfire with egpu and internal gpu  


Stefan Muller
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Hi everyone.


The heading may sound strange, so please let me explain first.

I have an itx build with a vega 64 in it. 

I also do have a hp accelerator here from a previous setup i did a while ago.


Now i want to upgrade my systems with amd crossfire. The vegas got cheap and you can get one for about $250 on ebay.

Due to my itx build, the mainboard only has on pcie and my power supply only has 650 watt. Since i do not want to get a new mainboard, case and power supply, i had the idea that maybe a crossfire could also work with my external GPU connected to the TB3 connector on my mainboard. 


My mainboard is an X370 Gaming from ASRock and the TB3 connector should be good to setup a egpu.


What do you think guys, will this be possible? Anyone out there that may tried this already?

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I believe I clearly recall this not being possible.

If anything, it's impossible because of bandwidth limitations: multi-GPU setups require a lot of information exchange (via the PCIe and/or dedicated bridge) between participating GPUs.

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