Do TB3 enclosures other than Mantiz Venus suffer from interference?  


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January 13, 2019 1:04 am  


I am having the same problems with the Mantiz Venus as described here:

I installed the older firmware as suggested by Mantiz support but I am still having USB dropout issues. The problem for me is I unplug my laptop and take it to work every day, so I need the USBs on the case to work so that I have minimal unplugging to do.

I am planning to return the Venus and get a different eGPU which doesn't have problems. Is there an eGPU case with USB (and hopefully Ethernet) on which the USB ports work properly?

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January 13, 2019 9:00 pm  

All eGPU enclosures with a single Thunderbolt 3 controller and expansion ports experience USB stability issues. The Razer Core V2 is the first with a dual Thunderbolt 3 controller setup. One TB3 controller hosts the PCIe slot for eGPU and the other one daisy-chained to host the expansion USB/Ethernet ports. The upcoming PowerColor and VisionTek TBX-240FU mini eGPU enclosure has this same dual TB3 controller feature.

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