Dropbox Web Helper keeping internal GPU active
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Dropbox Web Helper keeping internal GPU active  


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This is my first actual post (as opposed to lurking or clicking like). Feel free to move this to a different forum because I was not sure where it should be posted.

I am running macOS 10.15.1 and use iStat Menu to keep track or what is going on. With the eGPU connected it shows both the eGPU Radeon 5700 XT active as well as the integrated Intel GPU. I think this is normal.

If Dropbox is active the built in Vega20 never deactivates and it shows the eGPU 5700 and the Vega20 GPU are both active, and that Dropbox Web Helper is the dependency keeping the Vega20 activate. Dropbox continues to fill up the memory of the Vega20 as it continues to sync computer with online. Quitting Dropbox deactivates the Vega20, but then there is no way to sync with Dropbox.

This seems unusual, but I do not know if it will actually cause any problems. Without the eGPU connected the built in graphics switches to/from Intel and Vega20 without any problem related to Dropbox. So it is a Dropbox/eGPU interaction.

Should I not run Dropbox while the eGPU is connected? Or can this be safely ignored?

2019 15" MacBook Pro, Mantiz Venus, PowerColor Red Devil Radeon 5700 XT