Dual eGPU w/ Late 2014 iMac + Bizon Box3 + 1080ti
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Dual eGPU w/ Late 2014 iMac + Bizon Box3 + 1080ti  


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Hey all, my first post here. I've been running an eGPU for a few years for 3D work on a late 2014 full spec iMac with c4d and Octane which has been running fine. At the time of looking into eGPUs I went with Bizon and have the Bizon Box3 (I know they are disliked here, I'd been using render farms and pc's at work so eGPU's set ups were new to me so went with Bizon).

I'm running High Sierra 10.13.6 (build 17G8037) using CUDA Driver Version: 418.163 and GPU Driver Version: 387. and have a Gigabyte 1080ti. Using Apple's thunderbolt adapter for the connection.

So I'd now like to add a second eGPU box to the set-up using an identical 1080ti within.

But I would like to know if this would work on an iMac with one Thunderbolt 2 Bus?

And if it would, I'd ideally like to keep things identical with another Bizon Box3 because I know it works on my machine, is working now. I can find one on eBay even if a little pricey but will pay because, like I said, I know it works on my machine now. Connecting box to machine needs to be done at the right time during boot or even on login screen but it works.

However, can a different box be used or will this cause a conflict as the set-up for the new box will be different to the Bizon, will it erase settings for Bizon Box or just give a general conflict etc etc?

I'm aware each box has different internals or boards to that control the Thunderbolt 2/3 connection.

Has anyone had experience with using dual eGPUs on an iMac and with different boxes? Can it be done?

I've seen the Mac Pro Sonette dual eGPU set-up on the forum from a few years back so I know that it can be done on that machine.

Or should I simply get two new identical boxes? I'm open to change if needed/best.

Help welcomed and thanks.

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iMac Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014 - 4 GHz Intel Core i7. Bizon Box3, Gigabyte Nvidia 1080ti