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EGPU Stuttering and FPS issue  


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Hello all,

I have recently bought a sonnet breakaway 350W for my Dell XPS 9560 and  I have put in a Zotac 1070ti mini.

I am running  a 24 inch external asus monitor. The laptop is connected to the breakaway by the included thunderbolt cable, and then a hdmi into the monitor from the back of the breakaway box. I have installed the newest version of Thunderbolt and the most recent NVIDIA drivers through the experience software. 

The problem I am experiencing is low FPS and stuttering. I have tested the setup with Assassins creed Odyssey and it runs, just at 35FPS average on very high settings. Lowering the settings to high or medium does not make much diffence, which is a bit strange, 

The big issue is the lag spikes, and stuttering. Which is also present when watching video on VLC or the BBC iplayer app. Which is not right.

I have tested the monitor straight out of my laptop and there is no issue. I have tried to disable manually through device manager the intel inbuilt chip, and laptop 1050 but this makes no difference.

I would really appreciate some new ideas as I am sort of out. 

Thank you in advance.

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Hello Ben

My egpu has a simelair issue. I'm using a dell xps 15 7590 with a razer core x chroma and a rtx 2080 super. Have you found a fix for the problem?

I have good fps in games but everey couple of seconds i get a stutter even when i'm not gaming and just browsing the internet. Even when i am at my desktop and open a file explorer window start moving it around i notice it is stuttering a bit any tips? 

als the image on my screen doesnt seem super sharp its a bit blurry in my opinion (i am using a z35p connectet via displayport)

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Dell xps 15 7590
Gtx1650 internal

Razer core x Chroma with 2080 super