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Enclosure Recommendation for Single PCIe x16 Card

Enclosure Recommendation for Single PCIe x16 Card  


Swisher Sweet
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I'm currently looking for a x16 PCIe enclosure to house my Amfeltec Squid. I'm currently running it in a Sonnet Echo Express III-D but the Echo Express is so terribly loud due to the whinny fans in it. I was using it as a eGPU for a while (RX 560), but I'm trying to repurpose as I replaced with a Razer Core X Chroma. It was stuffed in my desk with an exhaust fan, which make it nearly silent, but I don't have room any more in my desk and it sits next to my ear, driving me nuts.

I have been eying the Akitio Node Light, but I have heard that it too has terrible fan noise.

I'm starting to think there's no such thing as an external PCIe enclosure that doesn't have terrible fan noise (other than the larger eGPU enclosures, such as the Razer Core X, but I don't need a massive PSU).

Any recommendations?

Thank you!

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Sonnet eGFX Breakway Box + XFX AMD Radeon RX 580.

The only time I hear the setup is during heavy video editing. 

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