Expected Performance with Razer Core X? Performance Loss Using Third Party Thund...
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Expected Performance with Razer Core X? Performance Loss Using Third Party Thunderbolt Cable?  


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After a day of fiddling with my Core X and drivers I can happily say I finally got it to work with my laptop. Next question, is it normal to not get stable frames above 60 on Call of Duty Warzone with a GTX 1660 Super? Point is, with this particular graphics card, shouldn’t I be getting pretty decent frames (my remaining specs will be below)? I’ve studied videos on YouTube of people playing Call of Duty Warzone with the same gpu as me getting twice better results than me. On top of that I have a factory overclocked 1660 Super so - what’s up? I’m aware that there will always be a performance sacrifice, but to this extent? I should also note, a likely culprit could be the fact that I’m not using the original Thunderbolt cable that came with the Razer Core X, I’m using an active Thunderbolt cable 40GBPS I bought on Amazon (link: https://www.amazon.com/Thunderbolt-Certified-Mantiz-Supporting-Compatible/dp/B07BKSQ87S)

Anyone know what’s going on or if this is normal? I just would like to know before I buy a longer Razer thunderbolt cable.

My specs:

Intel Core i7 6700HQ


Windows 10 Home



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@joseph_francisco, Are you using an external monitor with the eGPU? What is the laptop model number? Some older TB3 laptops have their port routed through a 2 lane PCIe connection. That would be the real culprit rather than the TB3 cable.


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