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External Thunderbolt 3 "hub"  


André Sousa
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Hi to you all!

I´m new here... sorry in advance for possible repeated question.

It would be great if you could help me.

I´m looking for a thunderbolt 3 "hub" (buy or build).

From what i´ve seen, you have a few docks with extra tb3 port, but no more than one, i would like to attach 3 tb3 devices to a single "hub" - i´ll explain my idea.

In my work as a video editor, i´ve mounted a 4 external disk solution (4 RAID 0 in external USB-C 3.1 gen2 cases), this way i can share disks with the rest of the team (my media disk - disk01 / ENG media - disk02 / GFX media - disk03 / extra media - disk04), this way i can continue to work with my media and attach disks to my "solution" link media without having to copy... and same from me, if i need to get my media to other post facility i can get my disk (or disks) and work that way - it´s a great solution for me...!

(i have 2 Lindy Industrial USB-C 3.1 gen2 HUB, attached to each tb3 port in my iMac, from each Lindy HUB i have 2 SSD cases... so... 4 disks - stable read speed of +- 700MB/s)


Why a external tb3 hub (?) i´m about to work with guys that have a similar setup, but with tb3... but... i do not have a spare tb3 port available...


So... if i had a TB3 HUB (with 3/4 ports), connected to one of my iMac port... i could have one of the Lindy´s running and also te TB3 possibility.


If there is a "buy solution" like a TB3 HUB, i´ll buy it... if not...


Sonnet Echo Express SEL with their TB3 upgrade card (PCIe)... 3 TB3 ports available... a possible solution!


Anyone that would like to comment or know a similar solution for my "problem"?


Thank you all.







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@andre_sousa, I would recommend getting the AKiTiO Node Duo. You can install a Sonnet Allegro USB-C 4-port card into one of the PCIe slots. The other PCIe slot can accommodate anything you'd like. If you were to maximize bandwidth, you can do 2x 2-port USB-C PCIe cards. The second Thunderbolt 3 port can be used for daisy-chain. The AKiTiO Thunder3/Node Lite would work too.


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 The Sonnet upgrade card is for a peripheral Thunderbolt 3 device (one port is for upstream and two ports is for downstream). For your Thunderbolt 3 Hub idea, you want both Thunderbolt ports to be downstream. For that you would use a GC-TITAN RIDGE or GC-ALPINE RIDGE. But the software to enable those add-in cards in a Thunderbolt expansion box doesn't exist yet.

Maybe with USB4 we'll see USB4 hubs with multiple downstream ports but a Thunderbolt 3 computer probably won't be able to use more than a single downstream port per device so you'll also need a computer that supports USB4.


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André Sousa
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@itsage, thank you for your message.

I spoke with Andy from Sonnet (regarding Allegro card), this PCIe card with 4 ports and two processors (1/2 ports, processor 01; 3/4ports, processor 02) does the job... but... they do not recommend 4 disks at the same time... ok, you can use them at same time but you will be limited to (max) 600 MB/s per port, it´s a cool number... but in my "home made way" i have a 700 MB/s stable per disks, if it does the difference... it does!

Thank you for the tip... AKiTiO Node Duo.

Having a two PCIe enclosure will to the job... on with the USB-S´s 3.1 gen2, the other with the TB3... (another) question... 700MB/s is more-or-less 5.6GBps (correct me if i´m wrong), so... 600MB/s is about 4.8GBps... 4x 4.8GBps will be +- 20GBps... said that, the other TB3 card will have +- 20GBps to manage their peripherals, it´s good... i admit!

The main question is... the core processor of the AkiTio will do the job?

I´ll ask them, it´s a 90% excellent solution, thank you.


@joevt, thank you for your message.

Adding a TB3 Sonnet card will do the job if you´re using their Sonnet Echo enclosure... main enclosure with 2x TB´s (one up, one down), the PCIe has 2 TB´s, it is said to be another one up one down... waiting for Andy response - is so... "only" 2x down ports... it´s good, i´ll share their info with you.

USB4 will (probably) change a lot of disk usage and peripherals, the way software will do the job, a wait and see.

With the tip from @itsage and adding another TB PCIe card... i´ll have 4 USB-C 3.1 gen3 and 2 TB3 available - see my reply and comment.

Thank you,




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