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Fan replacement for Akitio Node?  

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Posted by: theone29

Hi, I want to replace my psu with the SF600. Did you guys need the PSU Power Supply Jumper Bridge Tool adapter?

Yes, please see my post in this very thread of what I bought to install my SF600 PSU - Parts list for installing SF600 in Node

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So to be clear, you can’t run the 1080ti in the Node without the adapter?
I’m looking to get this PSU also.

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Hi all, yes two year old thread but whatever, it's relevant info!

Can anyone help me find a 3pin to 2pin adapter in the UK? My Amazon search magic appears to be failing.

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Thanks God for this forum and folks!


Have a Thunder 3 with GTX Black Titan and the noise had been driving me insane ever since I got the enclosure. Had guts to just replace front fan with the reccomended Noctua and 2-3 pin adapter and this already is enough to lower the noise significantly. Not only is the replacement fan thinner, it creates more air flow and is barely audible. I still can hear the PSU fan, but will leave it at that as my AC and Dyson filter make more noise Smile


Any idea what to do with the stock fan? Smile

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