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Need Help! Gaming Box RX 580 PSU Fan Activity  


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I need help from any and all owners of Gaming Box RX 580!

Long story short, if you have a GIGABYTE Gaming Box RX 580, please respond and tell me if your Gaming Box's PSU fan stays ON (quiet) or OFF (completely silent) while connected to a computer that is sleeping or shut down. And please tell me the model of the computer.

If you want to know why I'm asking, please read on...

I have a MacBook Pro 2018 13" (MBP), and I was having some issues with Gaming Box (GB) not letting my laptop to remain sleeping. I updated the GB's PSU firmware to F1.1, and everything works perfectly now except for one thing: the PSU fan remains on when my MBP is sleeping or shutdown (Same result for macOS or Windows 10 on Boot Camp). I tested my GB on my friend's PC laptop with Thunderbolt 3, and I confirmed that the GB's PSU fan shuts off completely when the PC is sleeping. I also heard from couple other GB owners with MBPs on reporting the same symptom (PSU fan stays on with Mac), so I assumed that this was GB's "normal" behavior when connected to a Mac. I suspect that the PSU stays on because it's delivering power to the laptop, but I can't confirm. I've been going back and forth with GIGABYTE customer support, and they had been refusing to confirm whether GB's PSU fan should shut down completely when connected to a sleeping Mac, and they just kept asking me to send in my GB for inspection. Finally, after I asked them many times, they responded by saying that "it should power off". I would send my GB in, but I'm currently living in Europe (I got my GB from the States), so it's a bit complicated to send it in, and definitely not worth the hassle (at least for now) given that GIGABYTE's response has not been very confident.

So again, please respond with your GB's PSU fan behavior when the host computer is sleeping and the model of the computer. I would be interested to hear especially from people with iMac Pro or the new Mac Mini (i.e. Macs without power delivery through Thunderbolt 3) or a PC with power delivery through Thunderbolt 3/USB-C, and others with MBPs.

Thanks in advance for your help!

System: MacBook Pro 13" 2018, 2.7 GHz, 16 GB
eGPU: Gigabyte Gaming Box RX 580
macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
Bootcamp Windows 10