Gigabyte Gaming Box + Big Sur: RGB Fusion/LED disabled
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Gigabyte Gaming Box + Big Sur: RGB Fusion/LED disabled  


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Noticed something interesting on my Mac mini (2018) + RX 580 Gaming Box setup after upgrading to MacOS Big Sur yesterday. Before I enter my password to login, the LED light on the gaming box is fine; after hitting Enter to login, the LED lights are all out; further restart (not shutdown - power on) does not bring the light back either, and the Aorus Engine app cannot connect to the eGPU either in the system. However, the RX 580 works just fine.

Alternatively, if I connect the eGPU to the Mac Mini *after* logging in the system (typing in the password when the monitor is not on), the LED lights are just fine and the Aorus Engine app can configure the RGB Fusion with no problem. 

This is a minor glitch, but I find it interesting and would like to share here.

Mac Mini 2018+Gigabyte Gaming Box RX580 8G.