Gigabyte RX 580 GAMING BOX failed adventures
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Gigabyte RX 580 GAMING BOX failed adventures  


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I have a MBP 15" 2018 mac OS Mojave.

Bootcamp - no issue (so far).

I picked up the RX 580 Gaming box from and when I plugged it in, identified as RX 560 instead. I'm away for xmas for 4 days but I already started the return process with Amazon to get a full refund. Now in the mean time RX560 may not be the best but at least i should be able to enjoy R6 on medium, some LoL on high, Borderland, etc.

Issues encountered:

  • No LED light
  • Fan not turning
  • PD does charge but only if I dont use the eGPU - if i do, it slow drains it out despite stating its charging

I started with my crusade as per other threads:

to update (or roll back) the FW as 1.3 is botched (could be the cause of the above)

New issues:

  • running GPUZ shows me that there is no bios on the video card
  • running any given Thunderbolt 3 controller update tells me there are no thunderbolt. Considering that i have a 2018 MBP it was suggested that I would use Titan Ridge - the drivers installs however the Software and Control Center does not want to launch or install because it states there are no Thunderbolt(TM) available - however I see in the Device Manager 

I've tried the official software and drivers from Gigabyte also - no available (states that I do not have such thunderbolt)

I've tried uninstall - delete driver, restart from legacy + v17 - no avail.

Now im here. (i still got 4 more days before I'm back to a "normal" pc), but would like this to work out - any suggestions would be appreciated

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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@shotbygl514 This Gaming Box is either altered or malfunctioning. Not worth putting in more time or effort imo. 


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