[HELP] DaVinci Resolve eGPU Problem (MacBook Pro 15" 2018 + Radeon VII - Razer C...
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[HELP] DaVinci Resolve eGPU Problem (MacBook Pro 15" 2018 + Radeon VII - Razer Core Chroma)  


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Hi there, I'm new to the use of eGPU's and hardware in general but thought I'd invest in a Razer Core Chroma chassis with a AMD Radeon VII installed to speed up playback and rendering when using OpenFX and Noise Reduction in Davinci Resolve.

My Macbook specs are:

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I was under the impression after the Mojave 10.14.5 update that the VII was now compatible with the MacOS - which technically it has as the OS recognises it through my external monitor and it performs better than the Vega 20 iGPU when using Univine benchmarks for graphics.

I have my Macbook connected to the Razer Core Chroma via TB3, and the Radeon VII is connected to my DELL P2715Q Monitor via DisplayPort to Mini-DP.

However, when I use Davinci Resolve 16, I have set the GPU to use the Radeon VII as Metal and there is absolutely no difference in playback and drops to about 9-11 FPS when using 1 temporal noise reduction node. The fact that the playback is exactly the same performance as the Vega 20 suggests to me something isn't right - I have opened Activity Monitor and checked GPU history and it says it is being used.

Is there something I am completely missing here as a noob?

I've just seen such good performance benchmarks and reviews for people using Davinci Resolve on this graphics card working on 8K RED etc. This is just a small ProRes file so it's beat me to why it's not performing as expected.

Would love to hear your thoughts, and let me know if you need anymore information.

Thanks in advance!

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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I've been testing Resolve 16 with the same set up and it is a popular one at the moment that editors are buying.

From the macOS side, the graphics driver is not an issue. The Radeon VII is the same graphics chip as the Radeon Pro Vega II in the new Mac Pro.

The Resolve 16 betas have had inconsistent playback performance. It's important to understand that some codecs and effects will not be accelerated on a graphics card, some will have GPU assistance, and some will have full acceleration. Some codecs will only render out on CPU and some will render out on GPU. Resolve, Premiere and FCP will all differ too.

The new Mac Pro offers an optional accelerator card called the Afterburner Kit for developers to tap into so that video editors can get full acceleration without proxies. For the rest of us who don't have the Afterburner Kit or are waiting for it, we have to use proxies. So enable the Smart caching feature in Resolve if you didn't already. It is 'off' by default.

I know you will be frustrated to hear this, but I can only speak from experience. For over 20 years graphics cards and apps have promised real time GPU accelerated video editing but in reality it's not so simple. New codecs and new video standards are coming out all the time, some of which can tap GPUs and some which can't. That's why dedicated accelerators and hardware decoders/encoders are always being updated. Final Cut's engineers have always been forward thinking in this respect and tap into the GPU more than any other NLE.

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