[Help] - Sonnet Breakaway Box: cannot use any external HDMI devices
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[Help] - Sonnet Breakaway Box: cannot use any external HDMI devices  


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My setup:

At first I found out that trying to turn the notebook on while having the eGPU box connected to a screen via HDMI would literally break and corrupt the entire nvidia driver to a point where I could only install it again by using the DDU software to do an ultra clean install.

Now I got it working again and it's stellar, but with one condition: I cannot connect the eGPU box or my notebook any external HDMI screens or the driver will crash and it becomes unusable. What is going on? When I go for the "remove this device" option, it says (VGA compatible), not sure if it's relevant but I don't have any VGA cables around now to test if it's the HDMI only that breaks it.

Nevertheless, it should work with the HDMI cable and it should not break the drivers to a point that it needs a clean install. Literally everything is up to date and the only thing left doing is formatting w10 which I consider a last case thing (but I'm getting there). What is going on?

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.