[HELP!]Bizonbox 2 - 220w psu with GTX 1070 MSI Gaming x
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[HELP!]Bizonbox 2 - 220w psu with GTX 1070 MSI Gaming x  


Adam Ball
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I recently got a Bizonbox 2 with a 220w Dell DA-2 PSU ( I know its not liked on here but it was cheap)

The GPU I have is an MSI GTX1070 Gaming x which has 6pin and 8pin power rather than the normal 8pin that 1070's usually have.

The power consumption is supposed to be 150w

I was using the card and it seemed to work fine in everything but VR (there was a lot of stutter that shouldn't have been there). Then I read in the specifications of the Bizonbox that you shouldn't use both the 6 pin and 8 pin connectors or it might damage the hardware! Needless to say I have stopped using it.

My question is this.

Is it safe to use 2*6pin connectors from the Bizonbox to the card using a 6pin to 8 pin adapter?

The 220w PSU can power 1070s with just 1 8 pin. I don't see why it couldn't power this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated Smile

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