HP Omen Accelerator not working when GPU Installed
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HP Omen Accelerator not working when GPU Installed  


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I have been using the HP Omen Enclosure for 3 months now and a few days ago my PSU died, there was a pop and it started smoking. I immediately went out and bought a new psu a 500w thermaltake. I plugged in the cables for the board and GPU (gtx 970), turned it on the lights flashed and it turned off again. Something interesting was that the light for the Ethernet stayed on until i turned off the PSU.  I then took out the GPU and tried using it without it and the Omen turned on even the front fan that hadn't worked before. I then turned everything back off and tried with the GPU again and it still didn't work. I even tried just plugging the GPU in to the PCIE slot the OMEN still wouldn't boot. I think either my GPU is dead, my PCIE slot is dead or my PCIE Power cables for my new PSU are dead.

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Sorry to hear - if that's the original PSU that went bust, the easiest thing to do is just to warranty-replace the whole enclosure if at all possible (if you're on the 3rd month you should be well within your warranty, whether store or HP). That way you can exclude the Omen motherboard/PCIe slot from the equation as well. Even if some of the components are functional without the GPU being plugged in.

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