Is Core X Chroma's daughterboard swappable to other PCIeX4 expansion cards?
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Is Core X Chroma's daughterboard swappable to other PCIeX4 expansion cards?  


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Hey folks,

I just saw some other topics that Core V2's daughter board could be swapped to third party cards, even a PCIe switch.

I'm wondering if Core X Chroma's daughter board is also swappable. From the review, that seems the daughter board could be physically swapped with any PCIeX4 cards, but it's not mentioned if they works.

If that daughterboard could be swapped with third party cards would be great, as it might be a way to fix that USB connection issue of Core X Chroma.

Has anyone tried to swap that daughterboard? Thanks

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Check this thread:

Both the Core v2 and the Core X Chroma have 2 TB3 controllers, the same will apply


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I wouldn't be surprised it would work on the Core X Chroma the same way it works on the Core V2.

Note that using a third party PCIe x4 card will not work on the Core V2. Only x1 card will work as the tail of the PCIe connector is not standard.

It could be interesting to see if Razer used the same pinout they used on the Core V2. If it's the case, my custom daughter board would work on the Core X Chroma. I have several of those custom boards on hand if someone wants to give it a try.

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