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laptop not detecting egpu  


James Grego
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Hey all, posted this on razer support forum the other day, but haven't got any responses so i figured i'd throw it up here to see if anyone has any suggestions.

I upgraded my rtx 1070 to a 3060 ti in my razer core x yesterday. I swapped the cards, updated the new drivers, and tested some games to see the FPS jump, all was well and working fine.

A few hours later on booting up my laptop, my 2nd monitor (display port through the 3060ti egpu) wasn't kicking on. since the device was installed earlier, i tried unplugging and plugging back in the thunderbolt bolt cable and nothing. When viewing the connected thunderbolt 3 devices, i see the razer core x, but when looking in the device manager i dont see the video card listed. I've been attempting to trouble shoot this for around 4 hours total now and im at loss for what the issue is. hoping someone on here could help since my core x is out of warranty and no longer available for free support.

I've used the razer egpu for a little under 3 years now with the rtx 1070 card without issue connected to both my lenovo laptop and my wifes macbook pro through windows bootcamp. The 1070 is no longer recognized by either laptop as well.

Fan on the power supply in the egpu is running when powered on and the fans and rgb lighting on the video cards (both) function when the thunderbolt 3 is plugged into the computer.

Things i've tried:
1. Razers solution. powering down all devices, reseating the video card, reconnecting all cables, powering everything back up.
2. changing thunder bolt 3 cable
3. uninstalling and reinstalling video drivers - this failed upon reinstall because nvidia couldnt find the video card. (tried with both 3060 ti and 1070)
4. connecting the egpu to macbook pro (with both 1070 and 3060 ti)
5. restoring lenovo laptop to a previous point (tried with both 3060 ti and 1070)

6. total system restore on lenovo laptop

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.