Lenovo Legion BoostStation Thunderbolt 3 eGPU Enclosure
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Lenovo Legion BoostStation Thunderbolt 3 eGPU Enclosure  

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@, on April 24th my laptop decided to upgrade it's BIOS, I was just going to turn it off then I saw the proposition. Battery is charged, adapter is plugged in, what could gone wrong. But it did, and there was the black screen of death. So I had to replace the MB. Aaaaand.... Now the Boost station pairs with it without any difficulties. So it was either the motherboard itself, or the previous BIOS. This time I could plug the Booststation in whenever I want, restart laptop with it plugged in etc. No problems. So. MB or BIOS. But be ready for an unpleasant surprise if you'll go for the upgrade. Backup files etc.


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Lenovo Booststation with RTX2060 on Lenovo X1 Yoga Gen.4

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