Liquid metal Conductonaut on my Aorus gaming box 1080?
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Liquid metal Conductonaut on my Aorus gaming box 1080?  


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I just purchased it and am amazed, having an eGPU was always an ideal setup for me.


However, when I play Mafia Definitive Edition I noticed that my FPS jumps from 40-60 range on high settings to 100+ within a few seconds of opening the map, and then the high FPS remains for a few seconds when I exit the map which seems to indicate some thermal throttling.


Hence I want to repaste it with Conductonaut. Has anyone had experience with this? I'm not sure how to separate the cooler from the card and I'm not having luck finding instructions online.

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@bogdan_boskovic, unless the heat sink surface area is nickel plated you'll have a sad time over the long haul. I've noticed that on copper surfaces LM tends to leave scarring and stuck on dried LM at worst and bad staining at best. I speak to this from experience of using LM on two different laptops, one of them specifically conductonaut. Some say the staining on copper doesn't affect the performance, but I've noticed that over extended periods of time it does effect the surface and is difficult to impossible to remove without maybe lapping the part that has dried up off, and the gallium staining the copper is unavoidable and irreversible. After using it on two different laptops, the performance was pretty good at first, but degraded over time and was not worth the risk IMO. I'd suggest just using something like Gelid GC Extreme instead.


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