MacBook Pro 16" not charging through Aorus Gaming Box 1080 eGPU
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MacBook Pro 16" not charging through Aorus Gaming Box 1080 eGPU  


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Hi everybody,

I have this problem where my Gaming Box 1080 no longer charges my MacBook Pro 16". I bought the eGPU a year ago to use with a 15" and everything worked fine. But, since I upgraded to a new 16", the eGPU no longer charges my computer while in use, and instead actually discharges the battery even faster. Furthermore, it actually tells my MacBook that it's charging, and prevents me from using the apple charger and the eGPU at the same time. So i'm basically forced to use the eGPU only until my battery discharges. Then i have to disconnect it if i want to charge my Mac.

Could this be a PSU problem? And if it is, how and with that PSU should i replace it?

Could it be that the new 16" can't charge fast enough with the power the eGPU provides since it's more powerful?

Any help on this matter would be very welcome.

Thanks and be safe


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@martinanthony, Try a different Thunderbolt 3 cable. If you have a USB-C Amp/Volt meter that would help too.


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Did you ever figured it out? My friend is facing the same problem, same cable length, same eGPU.

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