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Mantiz Venus w/ Radeon RX 580 - Stability Issues

Mantiz Venus w/ Radeon RX 580 - Stability Issues  


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Hi guys,
I'm having issues with my Mantiz Venus and Radeon RX 580. I just got the Venus in the mail, did the firmware update because I was experiencing terrible mouse/keyboard latency. That issue seems to be resolved, but I'm having all sorts of display issues now when gaming. Screen flickering, static image, and even completely green screen. I moved the plastic film on the Venus over the vents, as it seemed like it was blocking the second fan on my 580 (Good/Bad idea?). I previously had the Blackmagic eGPU and experienced none of these issues... so I was guessing it could be heat related maybe?

Please help, I'm at at loss. I'm going to run Unigine and watch the temps on GPU-Z to see if I figure out what's happening. I like this thing, but it's basically unusable if I can't fix this. Also, I am using a better Thunderbolt 3 cable than the provided one, as was suggested by other users.

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