MBP 13" 2016 + Razer Core X (randomly?) crashes! HELP
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MBP 13" 2016 + Razer Core X (randomly?) crashes! HELP  


Rokka RGB
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Hey there,

I get straight to the point, I use a 13" MacBook Pro Late 2016 the Touchbar one, a Razer Core X and a R9 290x.

My Setup:

- Windows Version 1903_V1 via Boot Camp (Updates disabled)

- Boot with bootx64.efi

- My eGPU is connected on the left bottom Port.

- I disabled Port #9 - 9D18, to avoid Code 12

- AMD Driver Ver. 20.4.2

Now, after 2 Days of figuring everthing out, I got it somehow to work! At least if I don't certain Tasks!

It's totally odd to me and I've no clue what causes the issue, but Windows freezes up and reboots after 10 secs or so, if I do certain Tasks. For an example, (Almost!) everytime, I try to open up the Windows display settings, it crashes! Or I try to download Steam, it crashes.

It's so frustrating, since it feels random, but that again it's not. I found nothing online, regarding this Problem and I've no clue what could cause the issue. So I'm asking you, any suggestion I could try out or eventually even fixes?

! In Idle no crashes! And I got FurMark to run perfectly fine !

Thanks a lot!

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