MBP 2018 + MSI Gaming Box RX580  


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November 14, 2018 9:13 pm  

I have a 2018 15" Macbook pro, and I've gotten my RX580 working quite acceptably under both MacOS and Windows 10. I'm currently utilizing the on board USB3 ports for peripherals, but I know that *can* rob PCIE performance from the graphics card. I have extra thunderbolt 3 ports and can use a hub to connect these peripherals without utilizing the bandwidth on the EGPU's TB3 connection. Unless I'm mistaken TB3 EGPU is limited to 32GBPS anyways, and AFAIk the maximum thoroughput of the hub is 10GBPS. So are we talking about a battle over 2GBPS when it comes to my keyboard, mouse and usb sound card?

Has anyone done testing with this or similar enclosures as to the performance difference by using the on board hub?

2018 Macbook Pro 15" - i7 2.6ghz - Radeon Pro 560x
Gigabyte RX580 Gaming Box