Monitor not connecting to Mantiz Saturn Pro
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Monitor not connecting to Mantiz Saturn Pro  


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Hi Everyone 

This is my first post so be nice lol...

Ive had the Mantiz Saturn for just over a week now and the performance is amazing alongside my Mac mini (2020). Have it connected to the BenQ PD3220 4K display and the Radeon RX580 is just the business for me. But I have a wee niggle. If I reboot my Mac mini the monitor WILL NOT display the Mac mini via the DisplayPort connection from the eGPU - the only way is to boot up with the TB3 connect from the Mac mini then disconnect the TB3 cable so that the DP / eGPU connection fires up - What am I doing wrong as this is very frustrating

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Did you figure this out? having an issue also.


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@kel_mitchell, read the fine print at the bottom of this page:


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