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MSI GUS - Q2 2017  


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ASUS, Zotac, and now MSI have joined the eGPU bandwagon. They call it the Graphics Update System, and like the XG Station it's a revival of an old project that went nowhere. I just saw this on /" target="true">r/eGPU, referencing an article from Notebookcheck. PC Perspective has a article as well.

This is a Thunderbolt 3 solution; as others have mentioned it seems Intel has changed their stance on eGPU. It has a 500W power supply and supports "any desktop-class graphics card". However, it seems there will be some physical limitations. The design is toward the gamer end of the spectrum, but it's quite compact compared to what other manufacturers are putting out. It has three USB 3.0 Type-A ports (one with quick charging capability that may or may not be Qualcomm Quick Charge) and one USB Type-C (seems to be plain 3.0, but could be TB3 passthrough) but no ethernet. No word on price or power delivery capability.

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