My experience with a Mantiz Saturn Pro II (vs Razer Core X Chroma and Sonnet 750...
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My experience with a Mantiz Saturn Pro II (vs Razer Core X Chroma and Sonnet 750ex)  


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I'll try to keep this short and hit the high points.  I am replacing my 2017 Spectre x360, and I've been evaluating a number of 11th gen Intel laptops with 1165G7 or 1185G7 processors and TB4 ports.  I picked up a Core X Chroma some time ago and while it has worked okay, with the USB hub I plug into it and all sorts of devices plugged in it can get a little twitchy).  It's been nice and quiet, though, and I got it at a great price which is a plus.  I picked up a Sonnet 750ex and while it was also quiet and it performed well, the enclosed cage design meant my EVGA 3070 XC3 ULTRA wouldn't fit even though card length was less than the max indicated on the specs (I did test with an Aorus Master 3070 I was able to fit in, even though that too was a PITA. 

After deciding I couldn't live with the Sonnet's design limitations, I moved on to try the Saturn Pro II.  For me, at least, it was the most expensive, which really made me hesitate based on the reviews of early parts failure and some sporadic reports of fan noise.   Well, I can confirm that for me, at least, the PSU fan runs constantly, as does the case fan, and it seems to be a good deal louder than the Razer or the Sonnet box.  I had understood the PSU fan was supposed to stop under no/light load, but it doesn't.  The case fan issue could probably be resolved by a Noctua, beQuiet, or similar fan, but disassembly voids warranty according to the docs that came with the enclosure, and that's more $$ that shouldn't be necessary.  Here's the deal-breaker for me, though.  I contacted support 4 days ago, then followed up yesterday and I've had ZERO response.  The main method seems to be via Facebook Messenger.  It seems Mantiz is trying to build something here, so while the Messenger thing is a bit ridiculous the lack of response is frustrating.  If they can't even get back to me on whether the PSU thing is a defect or not, or if anything can be done about the case fan noise, I wonder what would happen if I experience one of these part failures many users have reported.  Looks like I'm going to stick with the Core X Chroma and consider revisiting my search elsewhere at some point in the future.

Hope this doesn't come off as just a complaint.  While I'm definitely disappointed in Mantiz, I just want others to know of my experience, good and bad, to support whatever choice they make in an enclosure.  


Current setup: LG Gram 16Z90P with Razer Core X Chroma and a Gigabyte RTX 3070 Aorus Master