My Gigabyte Aorus Gaming Box has stopped turning on
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My Gigabyte Aorus Gaming Box has stopped turning on  


Shitiz Garg
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Okay so I have had this box for a few months now and suddenly it has stopped working. It has a GTX1070 in it and I haven't performed any firmware upgrades. When I connect it to macOS, it is recognized as a Thunderbolt enclosure. When I connect it to Windows, I get the "This USB device is not recognized" notification and the Gaming Box itself does not light up. I tried resetting it by disconnecting its power cable (I left it alone for almost 9 hours) and it did not make a difference. My Laptop is charging and the USB ports at the back of the enclosure seem to be working.

Could it be a PSU issue or is my GPU itself blown up? Is there a way I can diagnose or attempt to fix this? I would appreciate any help. My host is a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (2017 model). I haven't had any software changes. 

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I am having the same issue with my rx580 gaming box from Gigabyte.

I just reinstalled my MacOS but it still doesn't recognize the eGPU when I plug it in. It shows the GAMING BOX in the System Report and it can use the USB ethernet that is plugged in... this is a super mystery to me!

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