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OMEN USB-C output port  


Judd Tracy
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I have a question about how the USB-C output port is connected on the OMEN.  If someone plugged in a USB-C hub would that be connected over the USB-C hub from the host computer or does that go through the PCI-E interface of the TB controller in the OMEN?

I am trying to figure out if it would be better to hook up a SSD through USB (NOT TB) by daisy chaining it instead of using the internal port.

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All the USB traffic has to go through the TB layer - there is no magic "skip TB" option, though some enclosures might reserve/prioritize the USB bandwidth differently. The only exception are the enclosures which have a separate USB connection to the host computer (in addition to the TB3 link).

The internal SATA port is far (far, far) more reliable (and also subjectively quite a bit faster) than the external USB ports (that's a chipset thing, so true for all the single-cable TB3 enclosures of that generation).

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