OWC Helios FX 650 Review  

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Hey guys, I couldn't find many examples of the unit running online so I made a review of it myself.

It's built very similar to the original Apple eGPU DevKit, however it features a quiet PSU and fan. Tested it against the Razer Core X, they both work with Mac and Windows exactly the same, both feature a 650W power supply and provide 100W Power delivery. The main differences is in size, weight and noise.

The Razer is larger and heavier but is better designed for quickly slotting in cards and supports larger ones.

The Helios is smaller, lighter and is a lot quieter. Of course, noise levels won't matter if you have a noisy GPU, but if you have a quiet one, then it's worth it.

Here's the video review

Any questions let me know.

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@ashcairo  Dear Sir, awesome and quality video review you made here.  Very well done.

Many thanks for having shared with the eGPU.io community members.

Cheers  😉