Possibly "Brickless" XG station pro?
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Possibly "Brickless" XG station pro?  


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Hi, everyone,
I am looking forward to make the XG station pro brickless. There are some compact AC-DC internal PSUs usually used by small form factor fans. Such as the HDplex 300w AC-DC.
Does any one know about the exact dimension of the inside of the XG station pro, so that I would be able to tell if any of these units can fit into the gap between the graphic card and the top panel.

Thank you so much for the information!

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The overhead space varies depending on the GPU you're planning on using. Fitting a PSU like the HDplex unit is not an issue because the internal frame of the XG Station Pro is open and easy to work with. My question is how you're planning to connect the HDplex PSU to the power board.

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