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PowerColor GamingStation (Vega 56) MacBook 2019 i9 8-Core AMD dGPU Bootcamp Win10 1903 May-Upd - Slow USB on the eGPU-Enclosure  


Robin Dobbermann
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I have the following problem:

I've installed Bootcamp with Win10 1903 May (18362.295), disabled WinUpdate, installed Bootcamp-eGPU-dGPU-drivers from bootcampdrivers.com and I am ready to go. No error 12 or some weird sort of stuff. I can use my 3 monitors connected to my eGPU Vega 56.


But the usb ports and the integrated ethernet port are terribly slow. The ethernet port only makes 100 Mbps - and I check the settings in the Windows network adapter. It's connected to 1 Gbps.

I have an 4 port SATA to USB adapter. And 4 SATA SSDs in there and all of them are only transfering data in the KB/s range. When I connect this adapter directly to the macbook through a usb-c to usb-a adapter, all fine - 300 MB/s.

So what can I do?

Any other people experience the same issues?

Thank you!

best regards, Robin

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I have the same Powercolor box, running an RX 580.  In MacOS, it runs really well.  I have no problems with bandwidth or with my USB drives.  I read a great review, I think at Tom's Hardware, where they broke down all the USB connections.  In short, the front, top USB is the only port that doesn't share any other resources.  


Powercolor Gaming Station + RX 580 + 2018 MacBook Pro