Radeon 5600 XT firmware update in razer core X
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Radeon 5600 XT firmware update in razer core X  


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Hi guys!!


Got a question got a new egpu razer core X and a new graphics card the MSI radeon RX 5600 XT.

MSI have a live update utility that u use in windows to update the new VBIOS for the 5600 XT its suppose to increase performance by alot, or else I wouldn’t have bothered.

My question is : Can you update a gpu firmware in a egpu??? Or do i need a pc with a pcie slot to do it?

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@guideofgalaxy As long as you get the card to be detected in Windows, you should be able to flash the vBIOS. I've done it many times and actually found it more convenient than in a standard desktop.

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