Razer Blade 15 und Razer Core X RTX 3080 EGPU
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Razer Blade 15 und Razer Core X RTX 3080 EGPU  


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Hello, I have the problem that the performance is worse or the same as with the internal RTX 2070 Maxq despite the RTX 3080. Have I possibly set something wrong. I have everything on the internal screen with Call of Duty with the 2070 approx. 50 -70 FPS and RTX 3080 35-70 approx.

Can someone tell me whether this is normal or whether I can adjust something?
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@iceman155, Internal display performance is not good on a laptop with dGPU and TB3 connection through PCH. You can try disabling the RTX 2070 dGPU in Device Manager and see if that improves RTX 3080 eGPU performance. It's best to use an external monitor directly connected to the eGPU.


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You will not get good performance on an internal monitor with eGPU - you literally cut your performance potential in half. Only use eGPU's with external monitors.


You should only use internal monitors with eGPU if you have no other choice i.e. travelling & your laptop doesn't have a GPU built into it at all. Even still it's a bad deal (unless you only use your eGPU like this sparingly).

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