Razer Core v2 + Vega Frontier Edition
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Razer Core v2 + Vega Frontier Edition  


Gabriel Marcelo
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Good Morning everyone!

I currently have a setup of Razer Blade Stealth + Razer Core v2 with a GTX 1080. However I'm deciding to go with AMD just because I have a mac mini and I would love to be able to use my egpu on both devices.

However I cant find a good AMD card on where I live. I was finding a vega 56 because the 64 wouldn't work on the core v2 due to power limitations. I managed to find a vega frontier edition for a reasonable price however I cannot see anywhere if this would work on the core v2. Such as power draw, compatibility, and others (I do know that it would fit though). 

So basically, what I'm asking is that if the vega frontier edition would work with the razer core v2

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@gabriel_marcelo, The Razer Core V2 should be able to handle the Radeon Frontier Edition. I tried this paring when I was unboxing the eGPU enclosure and reviewing [unboxing link]. Another user, @irev210 also had success with it. 


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