Razer Core X Chroma - Fan Question - 2 | 3 | 4 Pin Connectors
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Razer Core X Chroma - Fan Question - 2 | 3 | 4 Pin Connectors  


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Have a Core X Chroma. Core X Board has a 3-pin.

Running a GTX1080 Hybrid which I believe is a 2-pin. 

Wanted to get ML120 / ML140 Fans. Seeing if the LED ones would work.

I'd assume the ML140 to the 3-pin on the CoreX board would work but just run at 100% since the 4th wire is PWM. 

ML120 to the 2-pin for the Hybrid should run as the 3rd wire is for control or it's actually a 3-pin.

I was thinking about using Noctua Low-Noise Adapters and Manual Controller.

Everything would just run from the 3-pin on the board to the 2 fans. 


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