Razer Core X Chroma + powered USB hub issue
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Razer Core X Chroma + powered USB hub issue  


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Setup in brief:

MacBook Pro 15" Late 2016 connected to

1. Thunderbolt Display via TB3 > 2 adaptor

2. Razer Core X Chroma.


From the USB ports at the back of the Chroma I connected for the last few months, without problems:

3 External drives (2 Lacie desktop + 1 portable 2.5") 

1 usb 3 unpowered (passive?) hub 


Now. I added a powered USB hub to the setup (connected to the Razer directly), because I had to connect a few things that did draw too much power.

The issue now is: when I shut down the computer, everything connected to the Razer keeps running (hard drives, etc) even if I physically disconnect the computer from the thunderbolt cables.


The only way to shut everything down is to disconnect the power from the USB hub. At that point everything shuts off.
I can then reconnect the power and everything stays off.

Anyone ran into something similar?

Made a simple diagram to explain the setup in a better way.


Setup B is the one where everything stays powered up after I shut the computer down.



MacMini 2012 / MacBook Pro 15" 2016 / Razer Core X Chroma / Vega 64