Razer Core X Chroma & RTX 3080 12-pin compatability?
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Razer Core X Chroma & RTX 3080 12-pin compatability?  

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Neuron EdGe
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Wish we could get a clear answer on this... is there really so few 3080's out there that nobody has put one in a eGPU?


I have to believe it will work on the Core, but it would be nice to know what types of controls I need up front and what performance loss is like with a 8750H chip.. especially to a 2k QHD, which would be my entire point in investing in an eGPU (I used to own one before I bought a Razer 15)


I have the RTX 3080. I have the Razer Core-X-Chroma. I have the Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition w/ RTX5000, Win 10 Pro. Bought them in that order.

Right now!, the RTX3080 fits easily, is recognized by the eGPU, the Win10 OS, and my 3D graphics software (Daz3D).

Right now!, the Laptop/RTX5000 is pushing it's own laptop 4K display, a 4K external monitor, and the eGPU/RTX3080 is pushing a 1080p side monitor.

So, to the best of my visual reference the eGPU/RTX3080 is therefore working fine - from a desktop perspective, at least.

That said, this morning after rebooting at 3am, I was EXPLICITLY notified by the Core-X (it does that on reboots, helpful little gadget that it is), the the RTX3080 was NOT a supported card.  Clicking the notification, and opening in MS Edge, I was directed to here (a reasonably familiar page) : https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4565  

BUT, keep in mind, RIGHT NOW, I have 3 displays running; so I don't know why it is saying that.


Which moves us to this question: Is your graphics/game software ready for it?

My Daz3D software can SEE and SELECT the RTX3080, but not actually drive it; but that is a software issue, even for those that have the card in a desktop unit. I don't have any games loaded on the Blade 15 to test with, and even then, I wouldn't know how to prove any of it wasn't pass-through --- but then again, even that proves that the card is working.


If anyone has some benchmark suggestions that can isolate the eGPU card, I'll test it; but from a hardware perspective, it seems to be on /working in at least a basic capacity.




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To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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