Razer Core X Chroma UnBiased Review from an Owner.
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Razer Core X Chroma UnBiased Review from an Owner.  


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Razer web site is weird, the Razer forum is even more crazy...

i received a Threat Email from Razer Support, when i kindly asked to make an Upgrade PCB with 2x PCIe x16 slots for the Razer X Chroma..

i`m starting to regret having purchased the
Razer Core X Chroma

#1. i don`t like the PSU
does Not say what Efficiency level is?
it`s Not 80 Plus Certified..
just a 700w Lite-On High Efficiency,

#2. Razer Core X Chroma is Not Small Form Factor compatible.
= i cannot replace the PSU with a Certified 80 Plus SFF-L
there are very interesting models

Corsair SF
SilverStone 400w fanless 80 Plus Platimum,
Silverstone 800w 80 Plus Titanium.

#3. Fans are the lowest quality possible.
120mm case fan is 5vdc, Non standard.
PSU is 80mm 12v dc fan, common standard.
All blowing to the outside = wrong direction if you want better cooling.
but all fans blowing to the inside makes the case a vacuum cleaner.

#4. Case is made from steel, Not aluminum.
= Heavy and does Not dissipate heat as good.

#5. Does Not have Carry Handle.
but i like the Open Close handle on the back.

#6. PCB does Not have 2x PCIe x16 slots.
sometimes i need other cards...
some GPUs are single width,
multi-monitor setup or SFP+ Network card, or Video Capture, or Sound Card,
1x PCIe slot is very limited.
to this day, there is No optional upgrade PCB.

#6. does Not have hole for 2 screws in the mounting bracket.
= Not safe.
but 1 screw + big metallic O-ring works.

#7. Does Not have Full Length PCIe plastic mount support, like All Apple MacPros more than 10 years ago..
i don`t know why eGpu io rate this Core X Chroma crap #1 in the world.
i was gonna buy the 2nd unit, but the Threat email, was the last drop.

#8. i like:

X Chroma case is a bit longer than standard Core X,
way longer than Sonnet.

Sonnet is ridiculous small, there is a youtube video, someone trying 10 hours to fit a 3 fan GPU.
but Sonnet PSU is SFF compatible.

#9. The useless / dummy front plastic fin panel cover can be removed,
magically has holes for a 140mm FAN.

The PCB 3-Pin FAN connector is Non standard +5vdc.
The standard 3-Pin computer Fan is 12v dc.

i guess Razer Eng. team choose +5v dc to lower fan speed / noise.


a 4-Pin PWM fan has compatible Connector Pinout with 3-pin DC fan.
Pin Function Wire Color
1 GND, Black.
2 12v, Yellow.
3 Sense, Green / RPM tachometer.
4 PWM Control, Blue.
could be solved very cheap with a Zalman Fanmate-2 fan speed controller, IF case had a 12v somewhere,
sometimes that controller fails if internal resistor does Not have enough ventilation.
i cant remember if i had the Fanmate-1 or -2 years ago.
to have a proper 12v fan you need a Y-spliter in one of the 6+2-PIN GPU/VGA cables.


Anyway, thanks to this amazing review:


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P.D. I made a plastic support for a full length PCIe card,


very easy...

cut or saw an used / empty Film Roll Spool for Medium Format 6x6cm or 60mm x 60mm film,

there are millions used in Analog Photography stores, and the price is low.

cut the Top head / side / ring,

saw up vertically, or horizontal where the slot ends.

then glue the bottom ring / head / side of the spool to the case floor with a strong foam double side tape 3M, Scotch, whatever.


Warning: you must be looking the card from the top, or you will glue the plastic support skewed.


Empty Spools

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well, finally decided to change the internal 80mm fan...

completly removed the 120mm side fan...
and installed a 140mm Front fan...

Corsair A1425L 12S-2 12VDC 0.30A
works ok, low noise...
maybe will try the 140mm Noctua some day...

im using small plastic cable ties to hold the 140mm fan to the case holes...
and also to hold a metallic 140mm fan grill to the fan, painted mate black infront of the fan.

the 120mm side fan its pointless, i did installed rubber anti-vibration mounts to the original 120mm fan,
but thats a waste of time & effort.
140mm front fan much better.


Problem is the 80mm PSU fan...
purchased a Noctua NF-A8 FLX 3-pin DC12V 0.07A

Original Lite-On PSU / Razer X Chrome fan:
YaLn Fan D80SH-12(HH) (M-GP13) DC 12V 0.30A Yate Loon Electronics.

Original 120mm fan has No label, but plastic case say: Sunon.


The Noctua does Not spin...
there are conflicting threads, some say connect to -12, others say: it will turn on when temp. thermistor is Hot.
also could be wrong polarity, but im 100% sure is connected with proper polarity...

used the bundled 3-pin fan connector to large 4-pin molex adapter,
cut the 4-pin molex head, stripped wires and and soldered to pcb.
desoldered & removed the orignal 2-pin fan header on the pcb. 
the (+) fan pin on the PSU pcb, is connected to a Cappacitor to GND, and is also connected to Pin-8 (+) of the ST 358A Dual Op-Amp.

The Fan control is done with the GND pin, modulated / switched by the [W1K W9n] transistor.

SMD components have different parts with same name,
W1K with SOT-223-4 or SOT 23-4 package. "3 small pins on the front, 1 big tab on the back."

Left transistor pin seems Control Pin, also connected to a big [1001] resistor.. havent seen datasheet, hard to find.
center transistor pin is connected to the back tab, also tab is used as pcb heatsink, and also connected to GND.
Right pin is connected to Fan Pin Header and a small tiny resistor, maybe: [688] or [889], "i could Not see value with a 16MP camera."

Pin closer to Big Transistor GND,
Pin closer to Op-Amp pin8 is (+)
Red wire to Fan center pin,
Red wire to (+) PCB.

soldering the included 3:4 adapter, 3 pin side can be used to plug'n play a 3-pin fan.
makes 2-pin pcb to 3-pin compatible,

but fan does Not spin.
the circuit does have On/Off Control signal,

why did the original 80mm Acme Fan spin Always On at Off setting? A mystery.
probably voltage threshold is different, the Noctua probably will need 2v-2.5v, and the acme turns on with lower voltage 1v probably.

Noctua FLX also comes with L.N.A. and U.L.N.A adaoters, that have a resistor in serias to drop voltage...
FLX fans are designed to operate at low voltage using the ULNA (Ultra Low Noise Adapter.) when connected to a 12v DC source.

im using a M.2 to PCIe 1TB drive with the eGPU, Not a Power hungry GPU,
fan still OFF...
power consumption is 20w~24w aprox, <0.2A at 120vAC.
there is No need for Fan, but the original Fan was Always On = strange.

later will try a higher power load, a GPU to see if 80mm PSU fan spins-up at some point.

So far,  i'm pleased with the mod. much lower noise. when 80mm fan is turned off,
140mm front fan is always On, but working at 5v DC, is barely audible.
will try the 140mm Noctua FLX fan some day.

140mm fan must be the best in Airflow, Noise, Vibration and Static Pressure at 5v DC setting Only,
very few reviews test fans at 5vDC "Lowest Fan Speed".

got inspired by this:


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