Really looking to replace my gaming desktop with an ultrabook + eGPU, can someon...
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Really looking to replace my gaming desktop with an ultrabook + eGPU, can someone please give me detailed info on the i7-8565U?  


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Hi all, I hope your evening is going well. I have an Asus Zenbook S UXF91FA with a 4K Touch panel, however I run it at 1080p to save on battery life. Here are my exact specs: 


16GB Ram



I'm looking at purchasing the Powercolor Gaming Station and throwing an RX 580 8GB into it. I will say, I'd like to use my laptop's built in monitor, but I understand there will be performance loss there so let's assume I'm using an external monitor. From my understanding, my laptop has 4 lane PCIe thunderbolt ports, but I'm not positive. My question is; what kind of real-world gaming performance can I expect? I'd like to play Halo: MCC (specifically Reach and 3) at high settings with a SOLID 60 fps. My *dream* is to be able to play Rust at a stable 50-60fps, but I realize I'm reaching here. My other hope is that I can run CS:GO at a stable 144fps. Am I totally reaching here with this setup? Does anybody that has this CPU have any insight? I appreciate any and all feedback, thanks guys. Sorry if the formatting is wrong, I'm new here.

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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The ZenBook default cooling scheme thermal throttles the cpu relatively quickly.

You’ll want to read up on some different ways to get around that. 

The RX 580 should be fine for your steady FPS goals, if you can tweak your setup to avoid thermal throttling. 


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