So Frustrated Core X issues.. Mouse freezing.. no video on restart etc..
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So Frustrated Core X issues.. Mouse freezing.. no video on restart etc..  


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I had a feeling this would not work as smooth as I had hoped.  I use my laptop as a DTR in clamshell mode (lid closed).  I cannot get video to my eGPU connected monitor until i login.. so... I login blind.  I could just remove the password and it would probably go right in.  But this isnt even the biggest issue.  First noticed its making my laptop run 10-15c hotter causing my fans to run.  I had already worked out a way to keep my fans near silent for normal day to day activity.. movies.. surfing etc.  Now it runs too loud.  I figured the Egpu would mean less load.  The biggest issue I am having is poor performance overall.  At first it did great then after some restarts I got this random Mouse freeze every 10 to 15 seconds.  I am using a Razer 15 Base 2020 model.  I reinstalled windows to the latest version of Pro.  All drivers are loaded.  I assume it wont show on external until GPU switch program from nvidia starts.  I wish it would restart and allow everything on the external to work.  I was told to disable security on thunderbolt but it was already disabled.  I was also told turning off Intel  Virtualization Technology for I//O.  This did not make it boot up to my login prompt wtih the external monitor working.  Thanks for any help.

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