[solved] freezes on Razer Core X Chroma with Lenovo T590
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[solved] freezes on Razer Core X Chroma with Lenovo T590  


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I bought my eGPU (Core X Chroma) after a lot of research, most of it based on this forum. It took me quite a while to stabilize it so I thought I'd share what I found. Disclaimer: I am not a hardcore gamer so I am learning this from scratch. 

Hardware setup:

The initial setup greeted me with random blue screens and no performance at all, as measured by 3DMark. This was easily solved:

  1. Update Nvidia drivers
  2. update Thunderbolt driver (Lenovo)
  3. Update Thunderbolt firmware (Lenovo)

No more blue screens after this. Than began a frustrating period with hard freezes, sometimes on boot, sometimes after an hour. The laptop is completely unresponsive, keyboard lights static, no network, just dead. A low-level freeze. Also, graphics performance was up-and-down except when gaming when it was OK.

Research showed that this was probably related to power management issues, and after lots of fiddling this turned out to be true. What I had to do to resolve it:

  • Create high-perf power scheme. This includes the famous PCIE Link State Power Management that is listed everywhere as "the" solution. For me, this setting by itself was not sufficient. I needed the rest of the the high-perf settings as well. 
  • Set the Nvidia power management settings to Maximum, in the Nvidia Control Panel. 

Anything less than the combination of these two leads to freezes, and believed me, I tried almost all. Unfortunately, while stable, the systems runs hot. Even on idle the Nvidia card sits at 55 degrees (C) with the blowers active and noisy. Performance is good, though. 

I did not have any of the other problems reported. The network through the eGPU is rock stable, as is the USB. No problems here.  

So while I have a working system now, I am not quite satisfied with the end result...

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.